Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ballons with feet...yummy

Marmots are big plague carrying rodent like creatures. Sounds delicious, eh?

We were lucky enough to be staying at ger when a man came by to sell some of the 5 he had caught. They cut those little babies up and put all of the good stuff back in the skin which was left intact. Our driver ate the bladder raw and told us these were good for men, but only once a year. I call it Mongolian sushi.

The next night they prepared the marmot. In case you want to prepare one, the directions are quite simple. Fill up the skinned marmot with the meat and some really hot stones and wire shut the opening.

Next, take a blow torch and burn off all the hair. Be careful when lighting the blowtorch because you could have a small (3 foot gas ball) explosion like we had. As things get heated up, the hair of the marmot is scraped off. Slowly the marmot inflates until it looks like a balloon with little feet (a line I stole).

I had a small try of the live which tasted like you would expect. Pretty cool experience.

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