Sunday, August 02, 2009

Faux Pas A Plenty

As usual, I did some stupid things at last night's festival.

I usually am the leader when Sandy and I go out since, with typically crowded paths, I can blaze the way more easily. People here are a bit pushy on these paths (and when I say pushy I mean pushy in the way a bulldozer is to a stack of eggs). Either way, I make it easy for my dainty wife to walk on the paths. Last night I was clearing a path and a woman coming in the other direction cut in front of me. A second later she was stumbling away saying something about being shocked. I really didn't mean it and I am a bit embarrassed about it.

Faux Pas Part 2 occurred when I was enjoying some free hot tea and walking down the path. A minute later this woman, who was apparently enjoying some tea also, was muttering something to our friend in Korean. Apparently she was walking right behind me and she bumped into me and spilled her tea on her shirt. She scolded our friend, "Do see what the foreigner did to me!". I can't say that I feel too guilty about that one.

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