Tuesday, August 04, 2009

It's Still Great Being a Teacher

Today we finished the voluntary daily supplemental English conversation classes. The students had to prepare for class by reading an article I wrote and then answering some questions. They came to class and we would talk about the topic. Finally, they would write a paragraph or two about the topic. Between reading and writing the kids had to do about an hour and a half or homework per night, every night. I am shocked that there were not any complaints about the amount of homework they had.

I really looked forward to each class because the students were incredibly enthusiastic about the class. One of the two classes generally stayed an extra 45 minutes talking and laughing. I am really going to miss the time with them.

I wanted to recognize the students improvement, so I made up some certificates and gave out ice cream. The students wanted to say, "Thanks" so many of them wrote letters to me. Again, these are my favorite keepsakes.

It was a great finish to an outstanding few weeks.

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