Friday, August 28, 2009

Health Insurance 2

Ten years ago I would have been one of the nuts at town hall meetings saying stupid things about not having a bureaucrat between me and my doctor and the government not doing anything right. Then, I lived in countries that had forms of national health insurance.

I went to the doctor for a minor condition here, saw a doctor without an appointment, and was finished in about 15 minutes. My insurance (which costs me about $55 a month) covered it. My cost including prescription: $4. No months of confusing statements from doctors, testing companies, hospitals, or insurance companies. No worries about pre-existing conditions. No worries about the expense. No hassles.

Others with more serious conditions have the same experience. In Japan it was the same.

In the US we have National Health Care for Seniors and if anyone suggested it be eliminated they would get thrown out of office because it is so popular. If it is good enough for the biggest consumers (seniors), why isn't it good enough for everyone else? Why do we need to spend 16% of GNP compared to 8% or less in most other countries? How will the US compete if it costs a lot more money to hire people there? Don't people see that Americans are no healthier than anyone else?

Ridiculously expensive, a lot more hassels, no better outcomes.
I don't get it.

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