Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Angry Grannies

30 minutes ago I was sitting around in my shorts and then I hear "boom, boom, boom" on my door. I open my door and there it is, what every man here fears...two angry old ladies. They started with the angry high pitch whinny old lady talk. Oh crap, they are not responding to my saying that I do not speak Korean. Finally they push by me and come into my house and walk to the balcony. They were so focused on the balcony, they did not even notice that the flash went off (tacky to take pictures of everything I know, but I can not help myself).

I call my friend, "Help!" and she translates. The old ladies tell her my screen fell down to their apartment. They want me to go down there. Luckily, the guy next door came by. He speaks no English too, but at least he is on my side.

Down we go to their apartment and they show me their balcony and the screen that had fallen from somewhere went into their balcony and tore the screen on their screen door. We grabbed the screen and were getting ready to leave. The neighbors boy was in front of me, so I waited patiently for him to put on his shoes. As it turns out, I am the only one who is patient and one of the old ladies gives me a solid push in the back. "Lovely!". The boy finally gets his shoes on and starts walking...apparently not fast enough for Granny Rush A Lot so I got another shove. This should be shocking, but I have gotten used to pushy grannies here.

We got back up stairs and the screen fit our window, so it must have been ours. The only problem was we do not think there was a screen there before. Either way, the landlord is responsible for it, so I am not going to worry.

The little ladies cooled out a bit and said, "Thank You" in English, laughed and bid us a fond adieu.

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