Friday, September 11, 2009

A little nip, a little tuck

Some of my friends have commented on the immense focus women put on their appearance here. It is quite normal to see women constantly checking make-up on trains, work, buses...everywhere. The kids are always working their mirrors in class. Walking down the streets in trendy areas, the majority of girls are wearing incredibly high heels many with short skirts.

Being a man, I support all of these things, but given the number of comments Sandy makes about the skirts and the heels, I am guessing she is less supportive of this aspect of Korean culture.

That said, this story should not surprise me, but it does. It says that a quarter of university students have cosmetic surgery. I asked a colleague, and she said she was surprised it was that low.

Double eyelid surgery, which gives the appearance of a line (I think) and deeper set eyes, is the most popular surgery. Botox and nose enlargement (who would thunk it?) are also very popular.

My favorite quote in the story is "... only 13 percent chose to undergo cosmetic surgery for vital reasons such as employment". I can just imagine the application, "Those with no folds in the eyelids need not apply."

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athomas said...

Maybe you can get good deal on the double chin thing?
Always thinking of you.
Your friend,
Mr. D