Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The best of humanity

For those who are looking for the best in humanity, let me introduce "Ying". She is a 12 year old girl who lives at Baan Unrak Children's home.  The other night we took her with a bunch of kids to a festival in town.  All the kids got a bit of money to buy something for themselves.

Ying was very judicious in her spending, I did not know why until she found a little necklace that you could have inscribed.  She is a young girl and young girls like problem.  I looked at the necklace after she was finished and it said, "Tatiana".  I said, "Your name is not Tatiana."  She said "My sponsor has sent me many gifts and I have never been able to give her one".

I guess I am sentimental, but when a kid who has next to nothing has an opportunity to buy something for herself and decides she should spend it on others, it really touched me.  I am sure her sponsor will appreciate the gift.  As for me, I told Ying, "You gave me the best gift of the night by doing that".  I thought it was a nice sentiment, but she thought I said, "You gave me the basket of the night by doing that".  After the confusion was resolved, she held my hand a bit tighter and we went on our way.

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