Friday, February 19, 2010


We went to Inle lake area  because a wonderful, funny  friend of ours, Camille, was there and we really wanted to spend time with her.  She suggested trekking for three days. 

The real attraction was hiking through and staying in small villages. At night, we slept with local families in their homes which were quiet nice by Burma standards, but did not have electricity or running water. Some of the families were really interested in talking with us, so got to learn a good bit about their lives.

The weather was remarkably cool (nearly freezing one night) so we just tried to stay under the blankets.

 Our guides prepared meals over open fires inside the house.  There was no ventilation for the smoke, so we had to eat and sleep in remarkably smoky environment.

While hiking through farming villages, we found that nearly every family had animals.  Ox carts were the principal means of transportation and water buffaloes were common sights working in the fields and cooling off in the streams.

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