Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Second Home

We lived in Sangklaburi, Thailand for a year and have visited it on many other occasions.  We love the slow pace, the friendliness of the people, our friends, and the children of Baan Unrak.

I really did not know how much I missed it until we were preparing to come.  Would people remember me?  Would the kids remember me?  Would things be the same?

We called Baan Unrak to let them know we were on our way and I ended up talking to some of the kids.  A couple said, "Do you remember me?"  Little do they know that we have shown their pictures to everyone and told everyone about them.  Either way, it was a relief to know that we were still remembered.

We got here, and there are some changes.  More foreigners working with NGO's, a couple of new markets and a 7/11 (is that progress?).  It has been great strolling the streets and chatting with friends.  It is strange, but we really do feel like it is a second home.  I guess as long as we live in Asia, we will keep coming here.

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