Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Drivers License Part 2

After finding out we needed a letter from the embassy to get our driver's license, we got up at 5:20 today and  paid the $170 to make the 6 hour round trip to Seoul (we had to go in person).  We paid our $60 dollars and got the letters. We made our way back to Daegu drove an hour to the Driver's License Bureau to get our licenses.  So far, so least we think.

We presented our documents to the woman behind the counter, who could not speak English but was really friendly,  she looked at problems.  She looked at Sandy's...big problem.  When we went to Seoul the woman signed the letter, but forgot to emboss Sandy's.  Not embossed, no license.  If you have ever seen a cartoon where a characters head starts to enlarge and then explodes, you got a pretty good idea of Sandy's reaction.

They let Sandy complete the rest of the requirements including the physical test which had deep knee bends (this is not a joke).  The multiple choice test was 20 questions that made no sense.  The English was so bad that in a third of the questions we had no idea what they were talking about.  Another third had one or two choices that made no sense.  The final third was understandable. When I mentioned this to the proctor of the exam, she said, "yeah, all the foreigners complain about the bad English".

Somehow we both passed (barely) and I got my license.  Sandy will send her documents to the US Embassy and they will send them back to her.  Then, she make the one hour drive for her third try for the drivers license.

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