Sunday, January 31, 2010

Urinal, Toilet, Deek

Out for a walk on Friday and happened upon the child's toilet and urinal.  I can just imagine dad teaching his son, "just pee in the character's mouth"

The phallus thing in front of a restaurant was kind of funny, but nothing compared to when I showed the picture to some colleagues.  Because I displayed it on the small screen on the camera, they could not see it well.  I said, "It is a penis".  Strangely, they did not know the word, "Penis", so Sandy, in her infinite wisdom, points at mine.  All the ladies start laughing and one yells, "Is this a deek?" .  "What?" Yell #2  "Is penis also called a deek". Squirm, Squirm, Squirm,  "Yes it is".

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