Saturday, January 23, 2010

Haiti, US and Korea

16,000 US troops have opened up the port, have the airport operating at 10 times the previous capacity, and are operating a 1000 bed hospital ship. I am so proud of our troops.

I read an article in USA today that says that the American people are donating like crazy and are on a pace to beat the previous record of 2 billion dollars for the Asian tsunami. 

I am sure there will be those (like the idiot in Venezuela) who will find a reason to be critical of us, but this is one of the best things about our culture and something that few other countries seem to understand: Americans are willing to spend enormous sums of money and risk lives to help others.  In some cases, we make mistakes, but the American people are incredibly generous in this way.

According to an article in today's paper, Korea is now joining the effort. Next week they are sending a due diligence team to Haiti and by the end of March they will have 250 troops, mostly mechanics, there. The article says  "Foreign Ministry officials yesterday said it was critical to move the forces to Haiti as quickly as possible in order to help make a true difference in Haiti." They will contribute 10 million, 2 of which is expected from the private sector, in long term and short term aid. 

Update: On Monday, another newspaper article said the number is up to 15 million dollars.

I am hoping that this article is mistaken because this is really a pittance given the number of troops they have here and the wealth of the country.

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