Monday, January 04, 2010

I are a stupid furneir

It is quiet funny to see those shows where some foreigner is wandering around and someone wants to help them.  The foreigner does not speak English, so the American speaks loudly and slowly to them.  

I was just sitting in the office and the mailman comes in.  Everyone is away and he starts talking to me. I say that I do not speak Korean, so he starts to speak loudly and slowly at me.  I have to say, it is just as funny to me to be on the receiving end as watching on TV.

A more difficult circumstance arose at our market.  This remarkably nice woman was helping us.  I thought she understood that we did not speak Korean, but she must not have because she kept talking and talking to us.  After a bit, I did not have the heart to tell her I did not understand anything she said.  For weeks afterward, she would see us in the market, get a big smile, and start talking to us in Korean.  Since I did not tell her the first time, I felt like it would be embarrassing to her to say anything later, so I would just smile and like I understood. The funny thing is she actually speaks English very well and a month ago she started speaking to us in English.

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