Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Middle School Beatings

I wrote a while back about discipline in schools.  I guess I did not understand how wide spread the practice of beating students is in middle schools.

I asked a group of girls who will be coming to my school next term how many were beaten in middle school.  All of them...the loud and naughty girls, the quiet and studious ones, all of them.  I understand the tradition of disciplining students here, but I have to say that I am shocked, and a bit dismayed, that kids are beaten across the board in middle schools.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Steve~
When you upload our's picture?(I'm in the Girl group)
Please private it please~
My picture was very terrible!!!!!!!
See you in March~~

steve said...

I am sorry to say that none of the pictures are bad, so I will not put them on my blog. See you in the spring!