Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Bad Advice for Tiger, for our country

After watching Britt Hume call for Tiger Woods to become a Christian because "Buddhism doesn't offer the sort of forgiveness and redemption Christianity does" I think I have lived in Buddhist countries too long because this really upsets me.

I am not an expert on Buddhism or Christianity, but my experience is that those who believe devoutly in either can be fine people. I know my Buddhist friends have taught me much about forgiveness (mostly because I do so many stupid things) and redemption. There is no need to change your religion, just practice the principles of your faith.

I have barely heard a mention of this in the newspapers.  Do you think it would be the same if Tiger Woods was a Muslim?  A Jew? A Christian and Buddhist's were trying to persuade him to change? Do you think Brit Hume would be on the air next week if it were about other religions.  I guess the Buddhist are more forgiving about these sorts of things.

Hume has a right to say whatever he wants, but I think that the last thing our country, fractured in so many ways, needs are zealots, whether they be Imams or TV announcers, trying to split the country even more.

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