Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Idiotic Arizona

A couple of years ago I was riding my bicycle, my basket full of groceries, down a  little street in rural Japan.  Then, a couple of policemen saw me and thought they had reasonable suspicion to question me.  I guess the bananas in my basket looked dangerous or something.  I showed them my ID, and then they let me go.  All I lost was a few minutes and my sense of freedom.

A year later I was driving my bicycle down another little road just for exercise and another pair of police officers pulled me over.  Since I was exercising and not going to the store or anything, I did not bring my wallet and ID.  Luckily the police let me go after questioning me.

The next day I asked all of my students if any of them had ever been pulled over.  None of them had.  I was so angry and told my students what I thought.

Now Arizona has legalized this stupidity. This stupid policy will have no affect on people desperate for jobs, they will say they are there legally and the police must let them go.  It will have an impact on legal hardworking Americans who will be bothered by policemen that have to enforce this stupid law.

I heard some talking head say that it was not a big deal if people are inconvenienced every once in a while.  I am guessing he has never been pulled over for the color of his skin.

I know that something needs to be done about illegal immigration, but does it make sense to give away our liberties to protect them?  Idiotic.


Anonymous said...

Protect whom?

steve said...

I was saying we should not give away our liberties to protect the liberties we have by being Americans. Sorry if that was not clear.