Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two Tales in North Korea

Two stories in today's paper are really good bookends for the depravity of the North Korean regime.

On one end is this story that tells of North Korea importing $100 million dollars worth of expensive liquor and cars for the ruling elite in 2008. In addition to expensive cognac, apparently the midget in high heels is a dog collector and imports them from France  The story has the typically shoddy journalism with unattributed facts, but they are in line with other sources, so they could be correct.

On the other end is this story that tells of the suffering in the political concentration camps.  One man was sent there because he had a bible smuggled in from South Korea.  He said that 80 of the 250 people he met died of starvation. Another woman was jailed  for 28 years because, at 13, a relative committed a crime. Guilt by association is used as a deterrent.  The same woman reported that, "I saw a starving woman eat the flesh of her son who had died of disease".  I find it hard to believe, but given how many other terrible stories I have read, it is possible.

The midget in heels spends millions on luxury goods, cognac and pets and jails then starves the population for nonsense and the Chinese still support him. Hard to believe.

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