Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cheonan-Not to be believed

Yesterday I had conversations with several colleagues about the incident.  The most surprising thing to me is that all of them said that the evidence is not strong and they are not convinced that the North Koreans are behind the sinking of the Cheonan.  The fact that there was no radar warning of the attack causes them to question whether it happened as it has been stated. In addition, the timing of the announcement, one week before local elections, seems very convenient for the Lee government. They are mostly not supporters of the government and are unlikely to believe anything the government says.

Another surprising thing is text messages warning of an imminent war that a bunch of kids got a middle school.  They went to their teachers and they calmed them.  I wonder if the North Koreans were behind that....not sure.

That said, the President Lee has had a slow but steady rise in popularity in the last year and it seems it is peaking at a good time.

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