Sunday, May 23, 2010

High School Days Revisited

A couple of weeks ago two of my favorite students, Yun Ju and Miyeon, invited Sandy and I on a day out.  This week they gave us the cutest invitations ever!

I know it looks like the girls are miserable and we were at a garage, but I am pretty sure they had a good time at a trendy restaurant.

Next we were off to a board game room.  There is a nominal charge to sit at a table and you play board games.  Good fun except for a certain cheating student who forced me to go to another table and have them hit me as a penalty for losing a game.  Yes I know I am a 47 year old idiot.

Finally, we were off to the photo booth store.  

I am really proud of the girls, too.  Yun Ju could only utter a few words 6 months ago.  With a lot of work, she can now chat with Sandy and I for 5 hours. 

Sandy and I are really happy that the girls invited us.  We laughed a lot and had a good time.  In addition, the girls taught us about Korean society from a students perspective. A really good time.

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