Thursday, May 20, 2010

Election Day

June 2nd is election day and the process is active and noisy.  There are trucks going through town blaring the message of the office seeker.  This morning there was one dude with a series of trucks and him making a speech along the main road.  He had a few dozen supporters in blue shirts around him.

There was a second group that was quiet and gave deep bows to traffic going by.  The deeper the bow, the more polite.  I hate to admit how much I liked the simplicity (and lack of noise) from this one. I think we may be better off in the US to have a bow off and whoever bows deepest gets elected.  It is hard to imagine that we would get a worse set of Bozo's with the bowing system than elections.  If nothing else, they would be more polite.

There are signs draped all over buildings promoting the candidates.This one is my favorite because I am pretty sure that the guy is sleeping or really bored in the picture on the lower part of the building.  I think it may be the best advertisement, elect me and I will do nothing to screw up your life...he's got my vote!

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