Monday, May 31, 2010

Generational Change

Being in Korea, you forget that it was not developed very long ago.  I have colleagues who tell of growing up with no electricity, where cars were a rarity.  30 years ago at there was only 1 person who owned a car at my school.  

There is a story about the changes baby boomers have witnessed.  They give an example of Mr. B, the typical baby boomer:
Mr. B - the typical baby boomer - was born when the nation’s per-capita GDP was only $79, compared to $17,175 in 2009. B went to elementary and secondary schools with an average class size of 65 students, compared to 28 in 2009. B managed to enter college in 1979 when only 29 percent of male high school graduates went to college, compared to 82 percent now. 
Kids today have grown up in a rich country. They may know the history, but their values are not built in poverty. In addition to the seismic changes in wealth, all sorts of social structures are changing. Whether it be marriage, respect for the teachers, or crime, the changes have been immense.  I think it is really tough to be a parent (or teacher) anywhere, but when the kids values are so much different than your own, I think it must be impossible.

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