Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cooking with Kids

Sandy had an English camp this weekend.  An English camp is a chance for the kids to spend have two days of interesting activities and spend the night at school.  A colleague spent the night and Sandy and I taught the lessons.

We thought it would be fun to have the kids prepare Fajitas.  I love them and taught students in Japan to prepare them.  I thought it would be a good experience for the kids to learn a little about a foreign culture and food since most have never had guacamole or cheddar cheese.
Because I taught cooking classes before, I was pretty relaxed going into this.  Things started pretty well, but it quickly became apparent that some of the kids had never done anything in the kitchen.  A couple did not even know how to handle a knife properly. Then the big problems: the onions.  Nearly half of the kids needed to leave the area because they said the onions that other people were cutting were bothering their eyes.  I think it was a mass hysteria thing, but I am not sure.

We finished cooking and, surprisingly, the food turned out really good. Unfortunately, the kids were mostly unwilling to try the guacamole or cheese.

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