Monday, July 05, 2010

Two Remarkably Embarrassing Moments

Imagine 350 kids standing around a field watching the relay race.  It is my turn to take the baton for the teachers leg.  Got it. Now the easy 200 yards. 50 yards down and I barely barely touch another teacher and I take a big spill.  Damn I was proud of myself.  I quickly got up and continued to run with blood flowing from my forearm.  I laughed when I got done, but it was embarrassing.

One sweet thing that came from this was a couple of the students were crying because they thought I was hurt. Nice.

My second entry into the embarrassing category happened at my desk. The Daily Beast had a story about operations that you never knew existed (yes I have too much free time).  As it turns out, there is something called gummy bear breast implants. I do not know what they are, but the Daily Beast decided to have this picture for the story:

Just as the picture came on the screen (it is a slide show of  various operations) a very sweet girl was coming to say hello. She said, "Hello tea....oooohhhh" and quickly walked away. I closed the picture, but she was already gone.  For the next day I could just imagine her saying to her friends, "Steve seems nice, but I saw him looking at boobies in the office".

I caught up with her the next day and figured I would just show her the web site and she would understand, instead she just laughed at my being all freaked. She figured out that I would not be looking at anything naughty with an office full of people, so she just made a joke of it by leaving. Damn she got me good.

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