Friday, July 02, 2010

Oral Tests

This week I had oral tests with all of my students... 340 of them.  It was an interesting view into the human psyche.

The low level boys knew little and could have cared less.  The girls knew much more and cared much more.  I am not sure why this is always the case, but the girls are always much more diligent in English.

What was fascinating was the "cool" girls who pretend not to care.  When they were taking the oral test they were squirming and desperately trying to figure out the right answer and were upset when they couldn't...just like any other kid.  As soon as they got out the door, they were laughing like it was not a big deal.  It is an interesting peek into their psyche because now I know that the "cool" part is an act and I should not give up on them.

The boys on the other hand....not sure what to do with them.

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