Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Super Sandy!

We were doing our normal walk to the market for dinner an hour ago and I spotted a group of about 10 boys getting off their motorbikes and one had a beer. I told Sandy to be careful. As we were walking by, some of the boys started to beat two of the boys...apparently we walked into a gang fight. What should we do:

A. Keep walking with our mouths shut
B. Keep walking and contact police officials (like they will care about a gang fight!)
C. Scream at them and start to tap the boy who is punching another boy with your umbrella

You can guess which choice our crime fighting friend took. Lucky, they were too busy beating each other to worry about us.


Diane said...

Sandy - you must be feeling better to take on a gang of 10! Glad to hear it. We were starting to worry about you. We always worry about Steve...but he chooses to eat in those yukky restaurants!

steve said...

Strange as it may seem...she still is feeling crappy. That's my girl, crappy and fiesty.