Thursday, October 12, 2006

Two steps forward, one back in some crap

I have been working with a very poor children's money for food, clothes, education sanition. It has been very difficult because the kids do not have Thai nationality and few are concerned with kids who are in the area illegally.

There has been a lot of progress on all of the issues in the last couple of weeks. I had a big break through on education when I got the support of the local government including the headmaster of the primary school, to let the small children go to the local school (which the law requires but is not permitted anyway). That is until a few days later when the headmaster went to the temple and told the monk that he did not want the kids in the school. I am guessing that he is short on resources and is worried that these kids will not stay in Thailand and will not benefit his community in anyway.

I decided to play stupid (quite easy for me!) and act like I did not know what the headmaster wanted. I am going to try to talk about ways I can help him. I am going to suggest that only kids who are permanently living at the home go to his school. I also have a meeting to find a way to allow kids to go into various grades instead of all of them going into grade one as currently policy requires.

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