Saturday, October 07, 2006

Devil Eyes

Sandy and I have been sick most of the last week; Sandy with dizziness and me with red eyes and a low grade fever. Some people believe that you can get the red eyes by looking at someone who has it, so it was quite cute to see the kids cover their eyes as a precaution when they saw me.
There is a Chrisitian hospital about 30 minutes from here which, given it's limited facilities, is really good at giving basic care. Sandy and I went there yesterday and were seen by a volunteer doctor from Crofton Maryland, USA... just 20 minutes from my parents home. The total cost of seeing both of us and two prescriptions was $2.50.
I am especially hopefully that we will be well soon since Sandy has time off and I am hoping we can travel during this time.


Linea said...

wow, appropriate for the month of October...may I copy your photo for my halloween lessons??

serioulsy though, I hope you are both feeling better soon!

Clayton said...