Saturday, September 30, 2006

Santa's Little Helper

The owners of our house have the world's most stupid dog...because of this and the physical resemblance I call him Santa's Little Helper after the dog on the Simpsons. His real name is Kang but it sounds far to strong and regal for such a stupid animal.
I have never seen Sandy as excited to spend time with anyone or anything as this stupid dog. She literally prances up to the dog with a huge smile and gives him this baby/dog talk.

As you may know, we have chickens next door which I despise because of the noise they make. This morning one jumped the fence and was in our yard. This set SLH off and he began to chase the chicken. The young girls who are maids at the main house began chasing SLH. The chicken ran into the house followed by SLH followed by two screaming girls. Somehow the chicken and SLH escaped the house followed by the girls who were now laughing. I found myself cheering for SLH and calling him Kang. At one point he had the chicken cornered and was getting ready to give it a little bite (I found myself smiling at this point) when the girls caught up with the dog and chicken. Damn girls!
Ultimately, the girls stopped the dog and caught the chicken and threw the chicken over the fence. I can not believe it but I am now a fan of SLH.

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Kelsey said...

Steve and Sandy! How are you both? I miss you and the kids and the wonderful community in Sangkhlaburi. Steve, I need to ask you about the website for Baan Unrak primary school. I have to recruit to find a new webmaster to update the site. I thought of you first. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE think about it and get back to me. I really like what you did with the website for the Home, and I think you have so much to offer since you know so much about the school as well. If I get an outsider to work on it, they won't know about the school and the kids. Hope to hear from you soon. Say hi to everyone for me :)