Wednesday, September 27, 2006

An interesting meeting

Meetings are strange when you have no idea about what is appropriate and what is being said during the meeting. I had an interesting meeting today with the community leader, the headmaster of the local school and my friend and translator Pone Pone. We were discussing the future of the kids at the children's home in a town called "Three Pagodas Pass". These children have food, very little clothes, poor medical care and poor education. I think that some of the people at the meeting want to help, but others are less interested because all of the children lack Thai Nationality.

I think that we got permission for 12-15 (out of 40 or so) of the kids to go to school starting next year (March). It is not final yet, but it looks good right now. The NGO that is going to provide food support needs to make a longer term commitment before the school will allow the kids to come to school. I am hoping to set up a meeting in another week.

Still on the agenda for the home is more clothes and medical care. I am still working on getting their bathrooms repaired/replaced. One NGO has agreed to help and I am still looking for support from other donors.

With a little luck, things will get better for these kids soon.

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