Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Getting Close

We have almost finished the kitchen and dining room. The entry is finished and we have put a little foot washing area in front next to it.
The dining room has two big picnic tables that we have stained and finished.

The temple has a supply of safe drinking water about 100 meters away but did not have easy access. Consequently the kids were drinking extremely unsanitary water from the tap.We put in a safe system to bring the water to the where the kids need it in the dining room and monestary. I am surprised that they do not have more health problems.

The children did not have a good place to wash their hands and dishes so we built hand sinks which will be used for washing dishes after dinner.

The kitchen has 3 cabinets that are for food storage. They are pretty well sealed up so the number of flies will not be so bad; they literally cover food that is left out which they are currently. The two compartment sink is for washing pots. Their is a low table next to the sinks for placing hot pans. We made the one wall black since people cook with wood which will turn the surface black from the smoke. The people in this part of the world like to cut vegetables on low tables so we made a big one for many children and adults to work on. We also made a pass through so no children need to go into the kitchen to get their food. Finally, there is new lighting and electrical system so they can use a refrigerator which was recently donated.

Now their are just a few more details to finish in the project and construction will be completed. I have got a second wind and part of me is actually disappointed that it will be finished. I am certainly losing my mind.


Diane said...

We know you lost your mind years ago...that's probably why we're friends. The new building looks great! Love the rock walls.

steve said...

Thanks...I thought the walls go with what is in my head!