Thursday, March 22, 2007

You can not change everything

I turn my head and there is a little boy crying with blood all over his face, hands, a little on his arms and legs. I can not ask him what happened. Crap. I find a guy who speaks a little English and he asks the boy what happened. The guy says "it is ok, his brother beat him." The little boy tells the man his bloody nose hurts.

I ask the man to ask one of the monks to bring the boy to the head monk so he can see. The monk says don't worry, it was just his brother. I can not talk to the boy, I do not know where anything is and nobody seems to think that a boy covered in blood is a big deal. My head is ready to explode and I try, unsuccesfully, to hide my anger when I talk to the man again. The boy disappears. I ask friends and they say that this is not so unusual for siblings in this area. I guess I do not care if it is ok in their culture it is just wrong.

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