Monday, March 19, 2007

No Shirt Guy

Being that I do not know most people's names and could not pronounce them in most cases if I did, I often give people nicknames. I eat breakfast at no shirt guys restaurant these days. I call him no shirt guy, well, because he almost never has a shirt on. I considered calling toothpick in the beard guy because he always keeps a toothpick in his beard, but I decided that it did not roll of the tongue as nicely.

His nambia, which is kind of like a soft four tortilla except extra delicious, is always fresh and he has this chick pea thing that accompanies it which is delicious. Even though he has his fair share of bodily hair, he seems to be able to keep it out of the food and the place seems clean in general.

I did not know what to make of no-shirt guy (should it be No Shirt Guy?) because of his basic appearance. It turns out that no shirt guy is kind of sweet guy... always playing with his daughter and actually tries to be friendly and speaks says "thank you" in English to me every morning.

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