Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Girl's Got Rocks

The previously banished snarl face has returned to the main house after she was banished from her mother's house in Bangkok. Her venom is more robust than ever. A week ago she told me I had to park my motorbike about 40 yards away from my door for no good reason. Of course I said no. The next couple of days she was angry at me and would say something that sounded nasty in Thai. My reaction was to say, "good morning" knowing it would drive her crazy.

Two nights ago I got home and she put a pad lock on the front gate. Got to give the crazy chick credit for having some serious rocks. Unfortunately for her, she did not expect me to ride the motorbike over this other gate which has a small concrete barrier. I got in and called the landlord and got things resolved (I am hoping for a re-re banishment).

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