Thursday, April 26, 2007

See Joe

I just got back from the funeral of my friend, Joe. He died of a heart attack at 44. Even with about 70 people standing, there was not enough room in the church so some stood in the vestibule.

Everyone was telling funny stories about all of the foolish things he got into. A heartbreaking story about an accident that nearly killed him 24 years ago. He seemed to be a magnet for both fun and calamaty.

His wife Brenda is such an amazing woman...I never understood how such a dopey guy got such a good girl. I was truly amazed by her courage today. I think she ended up comforting people much more they comforted her.

So that is it. My first friend dying of a natural. The only guy that I made an effort to stay in touch with in my hometown is gone. Such a good guy, I am going to miss him.


Tara said...

Hi Steve! It's Tara from Chicago.

Sorry to hear about your friend, sounds like a great guy!

I still enjoy reading your blog and it's amazing all of the work you have done over there. I'm sure they were sad to see you go! Welcome back to the US and please tell Sandy I said hello!

steve said...

thanks!...keep an eye on the blog because we will go back out of the country soon!