Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My friends

There is a little 10 year old boy who walks around the market near the temple selling trinkets. He is the cutest kid and somehow I became friendly with him and then his sister. These days one or both visit me nearly everyday. He is smart as a whip and can speak a little English. He came with me to the store today and someone asked me in English who the boy was. The boy said, "his friend". Cute. It is quite saddening that he has to work instead of going to school.

In one of the nicest parts of the project, the lead worker has completed all of his work that he was under contract for, so I told him I would start paying him his regular wage. He said later, "no money...when you done I am done...present". Pretty nice when a guy who has next to nothing is willing to give up a few days pay just to help me. I am really lucky to have him.

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