Sunday, April 15, 2007

Things I've learned

I am finished with the construction at the temple and I am going back to America for a little while. I feel like the lives of the children will be better because:
  • They have good facilities for cooking, cleaning and bathing
  • There will be a staff member to keep things clean
  • The school will have a headmaster (I just found him in the last week)
  • The school will have 3 full time teachers
  • There are some NGO's who say they will help with food and school materials

I have learned a few things in this project.
  • You can't do everything...but you can do a lot if you care a lot
  • Persistence pays off. Many people want to help on these projects, but sometimes it turns out they can't but most of the time they get busy and just got to be persistent
  • You can't let the times that you get discouraged overwhelm you. Sandy can attest to the number of days that I was frustrated and discouraged...I just fought through it.
  • You need to find good partners to work with. I got lucky with the construction crew, unlucky with the NGO's who, with only one exception, have been incompetent and, in two instances, deceitful. Unfortunately, their are a lot of people looking to cheat you of money and a good partner can help you avoid it.

I am leaving the area, but I hope to continue to help the children at the temple .

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