Friday, December 14, 2007

A bad way to end a good crap

In the 1970's the German government funded and oversaw the construction of a sewer system in Bhaktapur.
Yesterday, we were talking with a monk at a monastery and he was describing life before they had a sewer system. “There were only maybe one or two houses with toilets in all of Bhaktapur. We used to go into the streets to defecate. There used to be pigs in the streets and soon as they saw us getting ready to defecate, they would come running. They would eat it as soon as we had defecated The pigs were very useful. The only problem was when we were small, the pigs would become too excited sometimes and would knock us over while we were defecating” The story was punctuated by the Dali Lama like giggles of a middle aged monk.

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