Monday, December 17, 2007


Todays paper has a story on a government report on children's homes in Pokahara, an area full of tourists and children's homes. The story reports that 80% of the 31 homes are not registered and likely run for profit. Of the six that are registered 3 are kept in deplorable conditions and are being run for profit.

The report had recommended that the children be taken out of some of the homes because it was unsafe for them. In one instance, the government finally got around to acting, but the children were moved to an undisclosed location by the people running the home so they could continue to profit from the children. The homes profit by finding donors, usually foreign tourists, to give money. The money is then pocketed by the scumbags who run the homes.

Sometimes I feel worn down by these sorts of things because so many people are trying to manipulate and use me. I want to help people, but most of those purporting to be helping are simply con artists. Some are convincing so you have to be very careful. You end up treating everyone like potential thieves so you do not help the truly rotten people. Of course, the few that are truly honest are put off by your caution. Not good

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