Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Goats and Comforters

Yesterday we were walking around an ancient temple complex which was destroyed in the 1934 earthquake when we saw a man doing something with a big comforter. I found this humorous because they usually have goats doing what they do (mostly pooping and eating) wandering in this area... not exactly hygienic; they did have the goats tied up at that point at least.

Then, Sandy had a realization...”I bet he is making the comforter we ordered yesterday.” We took a quick pic and laughed. When we went to the shop to pick up our comforter we looked at the comforter...same size (which is very unusual) and material. It was our comforter! We tried to tell the man in the shop that we saw the dude making our comforter in the ancient temple ruins/goat pen but he did not understand. It did not smell so we figured “When in Rome.... sleep under a formerly goat poo encrusted comforter” or something like that.

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