Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Last November 14th I wrote in my other blog about a little girl...

"One of the little girls he brought was just learning English and when I said sorry about something she said "your welcome" then she realized she had made mistake and just started laughing like crazy...I guess she will need to review that lesson. Either way really cute girl with a great sense of humour."

I was talking with my friend the other day and he said that the little girls's HIV positive mother tracked her down and told the little girl (about 13 years old) that she needed to work in the family's business....it's a whorehouse. Damn!


Clayton said...

I think it's time to transfer this girl to a far-away orphanage where mommy dearest can't find her!

steve said...

I would agree except the little girl feels compelled to be with her mother (the whole Asian respect for your parents thing I guess). The mother wants to be with the child and the child wants to be with the mother. Hard to change things in this situation. Quite sad.