Friday, November 10, 2006

Why don't they wear black hats?

There is a Fillipina woman in town who is quite attractive, has a beautiful and frequently used smile, and a quick laugh. She is an an evangelical christian and she opened a children's home a few years back. Except for the fact that she wears her religion on her sleeve (she explained to me why I was going to hell...but with a smile) she seems quite nice.

Attractive, friendly wants to do good things and abusive. I knew of one instance of abuse where she forced a girl to undress in front of all the other children in her home as punishment for a minor infraction. Apparently, this was one of many instances so an NGO took some of the children to Bangkok (local authorities not too interested) and finally got the home closed down. Now the woman is opening a school in Burma to "help" those children. I am trying to prevent her from "helping" anyone else, but it is Burma and it may be difficult.

It is strange to me that a person who obviously came here with good intentions turned out to do bad things. I wish these folks would wear black hats so I could figure them out a little quicker.


Anonymous said...

Hey Steve,
we've been trying to email you, but we can't send to your hotmail account. are you having problems with it? Let us know if there is another account we can try.
thanks, Diane and Andy

steve said...

Got one from Andy. I guess all is ok now.