Monday, November 06, 2006

Who ya lookin at?

My friend Pone Pone went with me to Burma as I mentioned on an earlier post. I thought it was strange that she would do this since she is really concerned about being arrested or harrased by both the government army and the Karen rebel group. Her family was very upset with her because they are somewhat well known and she is easily identified because there are spies everywhere... everything and everyone is noticed. Being a foreigner, I was at no risk and realistically she was not in a lot of risk, but if you have been persecuted like most Burmese people have been, it does not take a lot of risk to get you anxious.

Pone Pone told me a little story about our trip. 15 minutes after we arrived at the temple, a man came on a motorbike. He wore no uniform, but she immediatly recognized him as a Captain in the Karen army. He did not talk with anyone or do anything except watch her. She said her heart was racing and she decided to act like she did not know him. After 15 minutes, she went up to him and made small talk. She said he got anxious and left a few minutes later.

She was very scared and decided to wait a few days to tell me about the situation. She is really a wonderful woman, but I think she was a bit dopey this time.

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