Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Change, change, change

Yesterday at lunch the teachers made a comment that I changed my clothes everyday.  They told me that men here do not do that; it is considered a bit wasteful and showy.  They said that men usually change their clothes once a week or so.  I am guessing there is an exclusion for underwear

I had assumed this was just a pleasantry and did not give any thought to not changing my clothes everyday.  When a colleague picked me up this morning, the first thing that he commented on was that I changed my clothes.  I got to school and the first comment from another colleague was that I had changed my clothes.  Hmmmm.....maybe a hint, not a pleasantry.

I told them I want to fit in, but I think I will still change my clothes everyday.  The world is really upside down when I am considered wasteful especially when it comes to clothes.

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Claytonian said...

a very odd custom indeed.