Sunday, April 05, 2009

Korean Kindness

My sister-in-law had told us how warm and friendly people are here, but we have been really struck by two recent incidents.

We were looking for a real estate agent in a neighboring city when we decided to have some lunch. The waitress spoke English and we asked her where the agent was. Next thing we knew, she was calling friends and asking about apartments. Then, she asked other customers if they knew of apartments. Everyone was apologetic because they could not find us an apartment.

Just as remarkable was our trip to a neighboring town for a festival. As it turned out, no festival...oops. Either way, we ended up wandering around the tiny town. We saw these beautiful trees and then beautiful houses. We went to investigate and found the most beautiful tea house and gardens I have seen anywhere. We were walking around and we were greeted by a woman who could not speak English. She invited us in for tea. Just then, a colleague called and I handed the phone over to her. They made a decision, we would have Korean tea, then the woman would drive us to our home. Not sure that would happen at home.


Marianne said...

The teahouse looks INCREDIBLE!! To be there must have been such a treat. Even though there was no actual festival, you stumbled upon such a treasure!

steve said...

I am a remarkably lucky guy...I seem to stumble upon every good thing and person around. As it turns out, the owner is a friend of a colleague and we are going back again. I can't wait.