Wednesday, April 29, 2009


20 years ago almost all children here were "pure" Korean.  How things have changed.  A headline from the Korean times said that in rural areas mixed race children will be the majority in 2020. 

Over 90% of the relationships involve importing foreign brides with 57% coming from China while Cambodians and Vietnamese make up about 20% each. Most of the women go to relationship services to meet men in other countries.  In short, they take their chances to secure a better economic future.

I was told that women are leaving the countryside for cities while some men stay with the families which leaves few opportunities for courtship.  While this may be true, nearly a two thirds are living in populous areas.  In short, I have no idea why there are so many mail order brides.


I discussed this with some colleagues and they said that many of the Chinese brides are likely of Korean dissent.  I am not sure if this makes any difference, but it is interesting.

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