Thursday, February 15, 2007

A banana and a smile

Today, in my brillance, I decided to burn the trees and stuff we cut down to make the bathrooms and drying area. This, not surpisingly given the heat and dry weather, was not a wise decision. I moved a bunch of the brush to be sure the fire did not get to large. Later, as a nearby tree literally exploded into flames, I decided I did not remove enough brush.

As the flames grew, I went and got a hose which would have been good except there was no water today. In a few days, when the water storage tank is finished, this will not be a problem. Today it was mighty inconvient. I ended up finding a bucket and made many trips back and forth and got the fire under control.

Later, a couple of boys who helped knock down the fire came up to with a glass of water and the other with a banana both with smiles. Nice way to end the day.


Anonymous said...

Another prescribed burn not going exactly as planned. You must have worked for the U.S. Forest Service.

Clayton said...

glad that story ended with a banana and not a destroyed bathroom project!