Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kidnap or not

The girl I have written a couple of times here and here is in jeopardy again. The mother has her in Burma (went over the border without the adoptive father's permission) and is threatening to send her far away to who knows what fate.

Now that she is in Burma, the options are quite limited. Forget her? Not easily. While visiting me my friend ran into a relative of a General in the Karen Rebel group who said it would be quite easy for them to go get the girl and bring her to my friend (some in Burma might call this kidnapping but they have been put in jail for trying to have free speech).

Difficult decision when you have a legal right but do you have a moral right to take a kid from her dying mother? If you do, will she stay with you or just hate you forever? Glad he has to decide and not me.

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