Tuesday, February 27, 2007

No influence!

After 4 cancelled meetings, we finally met the principle of the local school. The news could not have been worse...none of the children can go to school. I do not think he wants Thai children to go to school. I am guessing that the men who attended the previous meeting talked to him because he went from one extreme to the other. The woman who usually translates was not available for me, so I could be wrong but I do not think so. I guess the guy who had influence actually had none.


Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't he want Thai children to go to school? Who goes to school there now?

steve said...

Thai children are allowed to go to the school unless they reside at the temple which leads one to believe it has more to do with the temple's relationship with the schools than the children's nationality. This is a guess since this is not the sort of thing that people like to talk about.