Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Upadate on kidney patient

I wrote about a poor Burmese woman needing treatment for kidney stones in September here. The money was raised and paid to complete all of her treatments (about $750). Unfortunately, the machine broke and needs to be replaced. The hospital will not refund the money because they say that they will be able to treat her once they get a new machine donated.

Last night the woman was hospitalized again, in agony and called my friend. Through her tears, my friend recounted the conversation last night. The woman said, "what can I do. I have been in so much pain for so long. All I want to do is get well enough so I can go back home and take care of my mother and grandmother". It is really sad and crazy. My friend is contacting some people who have influence to see if they can help. We will see what happens.

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