Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Now that was stressful!

It was 10:00...time for the meeting to begin and I was waiting with my friend, but the man with the NGO that had influence with the school was not there. We called him and no answer. Crap! 10:15 he called us and said the meeting was moved to another location, he did not tell us the man we were supposed to meet changed too. Nice. We went to the new location and the man from the NGO that had influence was nowhere to be seen. I decided that we should stay far away from the offices because it would be terrible if the meeting started with out our contact at the NGO.

A man we did not know was walking around the school and saw us. He offered us water and asked us to sit. He told us he was the man to decide on who goes to the schools, the man we really should see and we were with out the man who has influence. Crap. He then told us none of the kids could go to the public school. My heart dropped but I decided to not let my head explode like it wanted to.

20 minutes later the guy from the NGO shows up. He talked to the school dude who ends up agreeing to let all kids 10 and under attend the public school if the school has space. We will have to split up the kids and send them to multiple schools to get them all in school. I did nice talk at the end happy that I had kept my mouth shut earlier when I wanted to scream. I have the feeling that this schooling story has many more chapters to be written.

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Jennifer Montoya said...

OK you are going to be shocked - it is Jennifer Francis - well hell now I'm Jennifer Montoya. I got married and moved to Portland Oregon. What the hell is going on - what an incredible adventure you guys have been on! I hope you are both well and hope to hear from you